Making posts!

2015-09-10Levi is at the base today making more posts for the property fencing. Specifically welding the metal for the reinforced support for the posts. Cheer him on! It’s a lot of posts to go around an acre of property!

California Team helps Base Build



The team consisting of a family is here this week to scout out the mission and projects for future church trips as well as to help get the ministry moving! The family has been friends with the Davis family for over 10 years. It’s great to serve together again in persona after all this time!

You are invited to also come and serve as a family, or with friends, or with your church!

Message us to inquire more:


TN Team Serves the Base Move


Three men from Tennessee came to assist in a lot of labor from taking down as much of the warehouse as they can to installing posts for the temporary fencing at the new property.

This weekend we’re blessed to have more coming to labor and help Levi continue this enormous project . Your prayers are appreciated.

Pray for Guatemala



Please pray for Guatemala. Today, there will be many protests NATIONWIDE asking for the resignation of current president, Otto Perez Molina, because of fraud and corruption (his term ends January). The vice president, Roxana Baldetti, was already removed from office and arrested for her involvement. With the September elections just a couple weeks away, there is a lot of worry and unknowns. We will continue to share the Love of Jesus through it all. Your prayers are appreciated!