Shop and serve at the same time

As you shop this weekend, you have options on how to bless the ministry!

See while you shop online, the purchases can provide donations made to Sharing His Plan Ministries. Your donation is your way of serving our Creator, so it’s a win-win.

You may choose Amazon Smile:

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Either shop works and can bless many people as time goes. Don’t delay, shop this way!

Progress Happens, Thanks to You


Prayers and donations are making the Mission Base Construction/Move possible.


This morning, I took this photo of the mission truck from our patio. Levi is delivering the posts for the property fencing (115 in all, so this is a partial load). Praises for donations a few weeks back because they are allowing for the fuel, labor, equipment, and materials needs to keep things going.

SHP-MapsYesterday, the property was wet and the truck got stuck briefly. Keep praying because Monday a tire was repaired (from having a flat). All six truck tires desperately need replaced (lacking tread and their age are not the safest conditions, see photo). Levi is driving back and forth from current base to the new permanent base and back. The road ways are long, hilly, curvy, while he will have some heavy loads (see photo).

tiresBack-story: A year ago, we had a verbal donation to get the 6 new tires. After researching for the size, type, and various quality, $2000 is needed. “No problem” was assured to us after we repeatedly asked, “Are you sure?” When it was followed up on weeks & months later, the person didn’t follow through. It was a disappointment on many levels. It also lost us time to fundraise for them while no other needs were pressing.

These are stories we don’t normally tell, but God has encouraged us to let our challenges and struggles be known. We’ve been familiar with verbal commitments not being followed through since we transitioned to ministry life in 2005. Your prayers are what honestly get us through. God has always confirmed the calling, ministry, and mission.

Thank you all (partners, past and present) for your faithful service with us. It’s a great day for the Kingdom.

Update: Permanent Base of Operations


SHP-Family-Base-Nov2015Photo taken Saturday Oct 31 at the permanent base of Operations for Sharing His Plan Ministries Guatemala! The purchase of the property and groundbreaking have been made possible by many donors giving of their selves in time serving and financially to make this possible! We need you to help us continue construction.

1) Consider COMING DOWN to help Build the base!
2) Donate funds at and
3) Pray for all the details that we trust God with in this large project for ministering to His people.

It’s a joy to be in HIS Will and serve even with the challenges we face daily. You are invited to take part in this as God leads you to help strengthen and encourage us! We cannot do this alone! God bless you!

Selfless Servants, Thank you!


ThankYouPraises to those who responded to our post here on Oct 13 asking for donations to help us get back to Guatemala! As it was posted we were faithful God had a way, as He has had for us the whole time. (During our travels stateside we had no funds or booked lodging in some cases, but God provided at the right time through the right people, and we are grateful for their giving of themselves). Oct 14th we had wonderful responses: One gave through our GoFundMe link, One gave through our BB&T bank (going in person and depositing) and one handed us some cash to us as they scrapped up literally from their resources!

BECAUSE of these FAITHFUL selfless acts, we were able to get a rental and get to Ft Lauderdale! We were going to just arrive straight at the airport at 7am without sleep (not a desirable plan, but you do what you have to do) and all but through another gift and discount (yes our Costco Membership enabled a discount, lol), we were able to get a hotel and rest 7 hours before getting to the airport at 7am Wed. PRAISE GOD!!!!

We don’t normally share these stories and happenings that are common in our life of full time ministry, living on faith, and 100% donations (clothes, electronic devices, shoes, body wash, tooth brushes, foods, etc), because we thought people knew. In our recent conversations and visits, it is apparent that these stories are not assumed or known. So we hope it’s ok to share them with you. I will share them more on our ministry page (


Volunteer needed: We’re doing our best to raise more funds to meet the monthly expenses of the ministry. If this is your strength, please message us to help with creative ideas/themes, maybe help with a campaign schedule (annual, semi-annual, or quarterly), bring experience and passion for serving God to the table. Our ministry is in an awesome position and project growth is not a problem, it’s in gaining partners in the areas needed, and we need people… maybe you!

Message me – Jackie Davis at or call: 904-685-1635

Cheerful Giver

DSC_3118Scripture from Sunday’s Message is pictured on the left.

In 2003, we attended a church service. The message from that service talked about God entrusting us with the salary we’re blessed with through our employment. After that service it was pressed in our hearts to tithe our income, the amount before taxes, immediately. We were in a situation where we couldn’t really do it, but knew we should do His will and trust. So we did cheerfully since we were being obedient. We wrote the check and trusted God. A few days later, God provided money that we were short in paying an expense. Our Heavenly Father is creative in providing for His people’s needs. Trust him as he has entrusted you with what you have.

This was part of Sunday’s Message.

If God is calling you to cheerfully give to His mission,  our ministry is in need right now. Give through PayPal:

It’s been a long time, but the ministry is experiencing a financial hardship more than normal. After 9 years, we know this is part of doing ministry. It’s our responsibility to let you know the needs. We’re blessed to serve an Amazing God with our entire lives. Thank you for doing the same.